LES's Backhoe-Mounted ATV Probe
Probe Over Retaining Wall
Description & Capabilities:
Probe is Mounted on 4-Wheel Drive John Deere® Backhoe

15-Foot Reach Allows Access over Guardrails, Down/Up
Embankments, Into Narrow Alleyways, & Across Areas Not
Typically Accessible

Good Mobility in Wooded Areas, Uneven Terrain, Mud, & Snow

Minimal Impact to Landscaped and Sensitive Areas, Especially
When Equipped with Turf Tires

Capable of Completing Test Pits & Soil Borings the Same Work

Capable of Grading & Leveling Sites to Make Boring Locations

Requires at Least 9-Foot Overhead Clearance
Probing at Muddy Construction Site
Probing over Water-Filled Test Pit
Probing in the Snow
Probing in the Woods