Logical Environmental Solutions (LES) can collect soil, groundwater, and soil vapor
samples for subsequent laboratory analyses in order to fulfill clients' job-specific needs.

LES owns vehicle-mounted (4 X 4), hi-rail truck-mounted, track-mounted, ATV-mounted,
and portable Geoprobe® Direct Push units for most types of sampling situations.

LES also owns all necessary tools and equipment for injecting specialty remediation
compound products into the soil and groundwater.   
Types & Capabilities of LES' s Geoprobe® Rigs:
The following summarizes LES's different sampling techniques and capabilities:  

Soil sampling can be performed in 2, 4 or 5 foot intervals, using a 1 or 2-inch diameter sampler with
dedicated acetate liners.  The depth capability of the probing unit is only limited by the type of soil

Soil samples can be collected in continuous or discrete intervals, depending upon sample depth and
soil conditions.
Groundwater grab samples can be collected at various intervals throughout the bore-hole by several
methods.  Temporary well materials can be inserted into the bore-hole and groundwater can be drawn
through dedicated polyethylene tubing using a variable flow speed peristaltic pump or small diameter

Discrete groundwater samples can be collected using a protected, driven, steel well screen (soil
permitting) and drawing groundwater through polyethylene tubing or a small diameter bailer.

Permanent 1/2" to 1" diameter PVC monitoring wells/piezometers can also be installed with a sand
pack, bentonite seal, and steel protective curb boxes to provide inexpensive groundwater monitoring.

Soil vapor grab samples and permanent vapor probes and/or sparge points can be installed for soil
vapor sampling and remediation needs.

LES owns all necessary equipment & tooling for the injection of specialty remediation compound
products such as ORC® & HRC® into the soil and groundwater.

Locating private utilities, tanks or other underground structures not identified by one-call locating
service (i.e. Call Before You Dig & Dig Safe).

Concrete coring of holes 2 to 14 inches in diameter through floors, pads and walls is also available
using an electric core drill and generator.

Concrete & Ballast Pulverizing & Sampling.

Well Abandonments according to State specifications & regulations.

Areas overgrown with thick vegetation can be cleared prior to sampling in order to make areas more

Field sampling of soil, groundwater and other media can be completed by on-site Certified Professional
Geologist (CPG) to assist in completion of projects.

Health & Safety air monitoring and preparation of Site Specific Health & Safety Plans can be completed
for compliance with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120 hazardous waste site projects.
Geoprobe® is a registered trademark of Kejr Engineering, Inc. of Salina, Kansas
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